Enter ” intensive ” the Times led How big is the market segment?

Enter " intensive " the Times led How big is the market segment?

In February this year, the National Development et alii Reform Commission promulgated the “semiconductor lighting energy field plan” by 2015, China will phase out more than 60W incandescent; during promoting energy saving LED lighting industry output value of average annual growth of around 30% in 2015 to achieve 450 billion yuan. According to the plan, indoor commercial lighting products and systems will be the primary category to be promoted.

Market segments

Recently, located in Hangzhou No. 354 of Hibernian Shenban store officially opened. Healthy to Shenzhen Green Lighting Co., Ltd. Pandemic Forewoman Chen Baodong presentation, “Hibernian” will serve as the first brand of Chinese LED lighting apparel lead into the Zhejiang market in 2013, another brand’s “green light” is still specializing in office lighting.

Faced with this huge market opportunity, Chen Baodong has its own understanding, “2013, LED industry as a whole is expected to boom frequent rise, the industry in the spring has come again. Coming in the market will be dramatic and profound changes, past to rely on extensive type of operation to be useful financing good day gone, the future market will enter the ‘intensive’ phase. “

Separate data showed that in the commercial lighting market, adorn accounted for 60% share of the lighting, office lighting also has about 20% of the share.

“Who have seized two garment lighting and office lighting market opportunities, also laid him in status to the LED lighting market.” Chen Baodong no secret of his lighting and office lighting in the apparel field ambitions. “Fashion Lighting 450 billion market capacity, our company if they can occupy one tenth, bestow be able to secure $ 4.5 billion share, for the enterprise, is a direct distributor to bring considerable benefits.”

In Chen Baodong seems a good intensive market segment than attempting to swallow whole all areas of the mouth come easy and professional. “Hotel, trophic industry, we are now lighting market volition not go into, the moment just focus on apparel and office areas. Designed and refined, this is the rapid development of enterprises of the Road.” Chen Baodong on Engineering LED “lighting channels,” the reporter said to.